Passthrough Dishwasher Tabling Options

A choice of stainless steel tabling is available to complement our pass through commercial dishwashers. Fabricated form high grade food quality stainless steel.


Pre Wash Inlet Tables with Sink & Splash Back

These table are designed for the "dirties" side of the dishwasher, loaded trays easily slide along the table tracks into the passthrough dishwasher, on route the loaded basket passes over the sink where they can be rinsed off before sliding into the dishwasher, the splash back is fitted to our inlet tables as standard, the pre rinse spray arm shower is optional

passthrough dishwasher inlet sink table 



Inlet Table (left or right side entry)
a - 1100mm long - 675
a - 1500mm long - 710
Pre Rinse Spray Arm - 165





Plain Inlet / Outlet Tables

Plain inlet or outlet tables can fit to either or both sides of your passthrough dishwasher. They allow passthrough dishwasher trays to easily slide along the tracks into or out of the dishwasher. Usually a plain table is used on the output side of the dishwasher to slide trays with clean ware onto to dry.

exit table for pass through dishwashers 

Inlet / Outlet Table (left or right side entry)
a - 600mm long - 229
a - 700mm long - 264
a - 800mm long - 285
a - 1100mm long - 350
a - 1500mm long - 385


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Pass Through Dishwasher Tabling