Passthrough Dishwashers

Passthrough dishwashers are usually situated in large busy commercial kitchens like in hotels. They can have tabling attached to either side which allow dishwasher baskets to slide in (entry table) and out (exit table) of the machine on a rail. The entry table can have a sink, a pre rinse spray arm which is like a shower head to rinse off dishes and a scrape hole which is a hole for waste food to be dropped through into a bin placed underneath

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Eurowash 383BT

Eurowash 393BT

Classeq Hydro 850

Pass Through Dishwasher  Passthrough Dishwashers Passthrough Dishwasher

1080 plates per hour 

1320 plates per hour

From £1795

Special Offer £1725 

From £1840

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pass through dishwasher

pass through dish washer
Omniwash 0MBDPT

Maidaid Halcyon C1000

Teikos TS103
Passthrough Dishwashers

Passthrough Dishwasher

Passthrough Dishwashers

passthrough dishwashers

hood dishwashers


Newscan DSP50

Silanos DC0100 Chef King Turbo 1500

Pass-through Dishwashers

Passthrough Dishwashers Maidaid Halcyon 100

Phone 029 20747567

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Passthrough Dishwashers